Founded by independent, experienced agents and compliance executives with backgrounds in the financial districts of London and Gibraltar, Westbrooke Associates represent over 200 years of industry experience. Incorporated during the post-pandemic, we onboarded existing clients, companies and individuals enabling us to provide sound investment opportunities in corporate equity.

With offices in both Gibraltar and the UK, we provide opportunities with excellent track records, focussing on areas that include sustainability and the environment, technology platforms and digital financial markets.  

Specifically targeting relevant investments for today’s marketplace, we streamline the entire process and make your informed investment experience cost-effective and secure. 

Servicing investors with opportunities designed to create excellent market penetration and with those that we believe have a strong management team behind them, our range of investments incorporate strong financial plans that can lead to long term growth.

Benefits of Investing with Westbrooke Associates

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Westbrooke Associates believe in a clear and transparent pricing structure and as such there are no fees or annual charges on any of the investments made.

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Tax Relief

We promote investment opportunities with a range of tax relief options. Each opportunity pre-qualifies for the UK government scheme.

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Enhanced Due Diligence

Our expert analysts conduct thorough due diligence on all of our opportunities. We ensure our clients are comfortable with their investments.

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Targeted Investments

Invest in strong financial opportunities that can lead to long term growth. Expert institutional investors are at the heart of Westbrooke Associates.

No Hidden Fees

Professional Service

Our clients enjoy peace of mind with technical assistance, support and expert guidance surrounding the entire investment process.

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