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KWS Litigation

KWS Litigation

Westbrooke Associates is making waves with its latest offering—a groundbreaking litigation funding opportunity providing investors with capital protection. As a pioneer in affordable and accessible private equity, Westbrooke Associates invites investors to participate in an opportunity where strategic litigation funding meets financial success.

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We are welcoming investors to be part of a one-of-a-kind and inspiring brand which will revolutionise the whisky market and become a major player.

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KWS Litigation

KWS Litigation

Exciting investment opportunity by a London based Solicitors Regulation Authority Law Firm (SRA)

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Assisted Living


Investment opportunity to provide a stable and secure income stream for investors.

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Trending investment opportunity with a contemporary attitude.

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Why Westbrooke  Associates?

What We Do For You

Promoting affordable, accessible and rewarding private equity opportunities with excellent track records, Westbrooke Associates provides professional investors, institutional investors and venture capital firms access to early / medium growth companies.

We continuously identify new investment opportunities, offering you the right tools to back the businesses you believe in. Working with a variety of different sectors, including lifestyle, sustainability, the environment, technology platforms and digital financial markets, we help you to target and capture attractive returns.

Streamlining the entire process, our experts provide you with all the information and trading technology you need to make informed investment decisions. Register with us today and start matching your investment criteria.

Official Agents

Westbrooke Associates are the official agent for the companies on this website and as such we can provide all the documentation relating to each investment opportunity. Additionally, we can also arrange for potential investors to be able to speak to the management team or directors of each company, either by phone, zoom, or in person.

All investments made by investors are paid directly to the company they are investing in, and all returns are paid directly from the company to the investor.

To read all the press coverage, media shoutouts and publications visit our Latest Press page.

Download the Westbrooke Associates Investment Guides and find out how you can benefit from EIS or SEIS

Westbrooke Associates, What is EIS Brochure

Download our Investors Guide

Westbrooke Associates, What is EIS Brochure

Download our EIS Guide

Download our SEIS Guide

UK Tax Rates 2023-24

UK Tax Rates 02023-24 Guide

EIS and SEIS are extremely important parts of the investment ecosystem. Since their inception, 52,000 start-ups have used the SEIS and EIS to secure nearly £27billion of investment up to 2021. It is thanks to EIS and SEIS that the UK has such a vibrant start-up scene, and many founders believe that they would not have got the private investment needed to grow their businesses without the schemes. The SEIS and EIS are the leading schemes of their kind. They are crucial to patient capital and have helped to position the UK as a world leader in innovation and entrepreneurship

Additionally find more information on the official government website, below


This website contains information about investments that may not be suitable for all investors and are intended only for certain qualifying classes of investors (Certified or Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors, Restricted Investors and High Net Worth Individuals).

To be able to view investment opportunities on this website you will need to register and confirm that you qualify as a suitable investor.

The above investor categories are designated for the purposes qualifying investors within the UK, qualifying investors that are not resident in UK should ensure that they comply with the jurisdictional laws of their country of domicile when investing.