Innovation Agri-Tech Group Successfully Complete £10M Fund Raise

IAG GrowFrame 360 Launch Event Highlights

Written by J S

November 16, 2022

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Welcome News for SEIS Investors

Innovation Agri-Tech Group Successfully Complete £10M Fund Raise

In their recent Investor Update, Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IAG) have announced completion of their £10M fund raise. Now the funding round has been closed, PWC will begin working with HMRC in order to issue investors with their EIS certificates.

In A Statement from Investor Relations At IAG, Chloe Yates Said:
“We would like to thank everyone for their support in sharing our journey and investing with IAG to help achieve our business goals to improve the lives and businesses of farmers, growers and entrepreneurs who use our technologies, whilst at the same time safeguarding the natural environment for the next generations.”

Rigorous Research and Development

IAG have always passionately believed in a more sustainable future, one in which we can all feed ourselves without damaging the planet. As a pioneer for a greener agricultural future, IAG offer a method of farming that provides sustainable solutions to traditional farming practices and real-world challenges.

The fund raise completion follows five years of rigorous research and development alongside the launch of the GrowFrame™. Designed to revolutionise crop production on a global scale, the GrowFrame™ efficiently produces all types of crops, fruits and vegetables in small spaces and in large numbers.

With countless advantages for both the grower and the consumer, this highly productive method of farming allows crops to absorb oxygen and generate all the oils and sugars they need to taste delicious.

Eliminating the use of pesticides and providing faster crop growth with an extended shelf life, vertical farming also tackles the problems of soil degradation, food miles, seasonality and water.

Chloe Went on To Add:
“There’s an exciting future ahead, so watch this space!”

Speaking about the future, CEO and Founder, Jaz Singh said:
“We have complete faith that we have developed a vertical farming solution which will be a complete game-changer.”

You can view the IAG 360 launch Event video here.  In the meantime, if you would like to receive updates surrounding the next round of funding, please contact Westbrooke Associates for more information.

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