Brosé Wine Surpasses Sales and Broadens UK Distribution

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Written by J S

April 24, 2024

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Brosé Wine, just one of the exclusive investment opportunities on offer by Westbrooke Associates, has marked an impressive achievement in the first quarter of 2024, surpassing sales targets by 0.77%. This success comes on the heels of a strategic focus on the UK market since the hard launch of Brosé Wine in August 2023, with the domestic market now taking the brand’s precedence.

Announcing another significant milestone in their recent Investor Report, Brosé Wine also secured a deal with retail giant, Threshers. Threshers is one of the UK’s leading online retailers of wines and spirits.

Following a successful sampling initiative, Threshers placed an initial order of 600 bottles, subsequently ordering a second pallet due to high demand, with projections indicating further growth potential.

Notable UK Stockists

Moreover, Brosé Wine’s concerted efforts in the UK have yielded significant results, with collaborations established across various sectors, including drinks distributors, online retailers, supermarkets and the on-trade encompassing bars, restaurants and hotels. Notable UK stockists currently include esteemed establishments such as the Old Chestnut Tree Arms in Pershore, Wood Norton Hotel in Evesham and Angelo’s Bistro in Duffield, among others.

Further cementing its presence in the UK market, Brosé Wine recently engaged with a beer and wine specialist representing Waitrose. After a favourable review, Brosé Wine successfully secured a listing on the prestigious CRM platform,, which is gaining traction among UK supermarkets including Tesco, Co-op and Asda. Waitrose’s impending integration into the platform is anticipated to facilitate the brand’s nationwide listing across the UK, enhancing accessibility to discerning consumers.

Sustained Global Growth

Meanwhile, discussions with LWC, the UK’s largest drinks distributor for the on-trade sector, are progressing positively. Brosé aims to finalise a deal to supply its wines across Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, further expanding its UK footprint.

Internationally, Brosé Wine has ventured into seven markets through strategic partnerships with drinks distributors IDFG and E&E Ltd. With a commitment to promoting the Brosé brand within their respective territories, these distributors have secured a two-year exclusivity and preferred supplier agreement in each country, laying the groundwork for sustained global growth.

Redefining Rosé Wine

Dubbed the Brosé phenomenon, the brand’s recent achievements highlight its success and validate how the first male-targeted rosé wine is already disrupting the wine industry. With further expansion plans on the horizon, Brosé Wine is primed to keep on captivating palates and redefine the rosé wine experience both at home and abroad.

Inviting you to become part of a distinctive and ambitious brand with the potential to revolutionise and shake up the rosé wine industry, this investment presents a compelling option for those seeking a lucrative and exciting opportunity.

Furthermore, this SEIS and EIS-approved investment opportunity comes with generous tax reliefs, multiple exit strategies, promising future product lines and an expert team with a high-profile reputation.

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