Innovation Agri-Tech Group Cultivating Press and Industry Exposure

The Barn, indoor vertical farming project

Written by J S

September 07, 2022

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The Barn, indoor vertical farming project

Water shortages, increasing fuel prices, climate change and the global food crisis are topical issues that affect all of us. As the world’s population is projected to exceed nine billion by 2050, the Government’s Food Strategy sets out a more prosperous agri-food sector. Innovation Agri-Tech Group is one such sector delivering healthier, more sustainable and affordable diets for all.

Government objectives include delivering a sustainable, nature positive, affordable food system. Designed to provide choice and access to high quality products, this system will also support healthier and home-grown diets. Notably, the government are promoting commercial horticulture to boost and enable investment in vertical farming technology.

The Future of Farming

Rapidly becoming the answer to the global food crisis, Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IAG)  is a British agricultural tech company. Specialising in vertical aeroponics, vertical farming is a highly productive method of growing crops indoors. It uses climate-controlled conditions, LED lighting and precision watering and nutritional systems. Possessing the power to feed the world, it’s an advance concept for expanding agricultural operations.

The realistic future of farming, the GrowFrame TM is the company’s flagship patented modular system. Incredibly, it uses up to 95 per cent less water than traditional farming. It can provide pesticide free nutrients and promises superior crop growth. Moreover, it allows for up to 15 harvesting cycles per year.

This pioneering patented vertical farming technology company is at the forefront of a $40 billion market opportunity. IAG are also cultivating massive press and industry exposure.

Innovation Agri-Tech Group: BBC Interviews

Following one of the driest summers on record, IAG were featured on BBC South Today.  Discussing global warming, climate change and extreme weather conditions, Lead Plant Scientist for IAG, Deepa Manikkath Haridas, spoke to reporter Linzi Kinghorn. Deepa explained how vertical farming compares to conventual farming in terms of efficiencies.

Jaz Singh IAG CEO and Founder went on to explain:

“With the issues currently outside, global warming, climate change—these are real-world problems. Farming are really getting hit very hard. We’re getting extreme weather conditions all around the world. This [vertical farming] really can be used across the whole world. And work with smaller farmers, mid-size farmers and even industrial wholesale.”

On the subject of climate change and in an interview with BBC Radio Berkshire  during the weekly drive time show with Phil Kennedy, IAG’s Business Development Director Kate Brunswick said:

“The growing season in the UK is quite short. In terms of being able to have a high yield and put the products on supermarket shelves or in consumer fridges. So, what we’ve been able to do with vertical farming is manage that timescale. We can maintain continuity of growth. There are sustainability models that we can deploy with opportunities to offset using solar wind, water and hydroelectricity. We are looking to complement our current UK agriculture. We’d like to consider a complementary way of farming to make sure there’s continuity of supply for the UK and globally. We have interest from so many different sets of the community. Whether they’re UK farmers or people looking to have a continuous supply chain who can put this in places where there’s no soil and water. This has lots of applications.” 

Collaboration with Essex University

More recently, as a contributor to the world-leading plant productivity research at Essex University, a major funding boost of £1 million was awarded to support the development of the STEPS facility. This facility at Essex’s Colchester Campus will explore how best to future-proof crop production in a changing world. At the forefront of plant productivity research, the University of Essex has one of the longest established plant physiology and photosynthesis groups in the UK.

“We are delighted to have been awarded this funding from the Wolfson Foundation. This unique facility will build on our world-leading strengths in plant productivity research and allow us to exploit the latest technologies to improve key plant processes.”

Innovation Agri-Tech Group: It’s Only the Beginning!

Impressed with IAG’s technology and research, the renowned business angel on the BBC program, Dragon’s Den, Duncan Bannatyne OBE joins the board of IAG directors. Bringing a unique set of entrepreneurial skills, expertise, knowledge and business dexterity to the agricultural technology company, founder of The Bannatyne Group, Duncan said:

“This is exciting and it’s only the beginning. I’m looking forward to the journey with IAG and how vertical farming will play an increasingly vital role in the food chain supply moving into the future.”

Continuing to lead the way in the world of vertical farming, IAG is major player in our sustainable future. As such, it brings attractive investment opportunities for forward-thinking investors.

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