The Story Behind the Brosé Brand

Brosé- The story behind the brand, featured image

Written by J S

November 08, 2022

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The Story Behind the Brosé Brand

With a massive social media following, huge media hype and attracting attention from the cast of the socially elite Made in Chelsea, the first male marketed rosé wine is already disrupting the wine industry.

Securing the brand via trademark and instantly giving the company considerable value, CEO and founder of Brosé Wine Ltd., Bradley Yarrington created the brand during a warm day in March 2019.

Whilst he was relaxing by the pool at the Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, Bradley watched on as a group of men were buying bottles of Provence rosé wine in ice buckets. Having seen this consumer trend first-hand in London, Bradley ordered himself a glass as he contemplated how and why rosé is typically seen as a feminine drink.

Combining Creativity with Business Acumen

As more and more men are drinking rosé wine than ever before, it has also become the main drink of choice for clientele of exotic beach clubs and sophisticated party goers. Sold at these venues in magnums and jeroboams, Bradley’s creativity combined with his business acumen began to whir. As he realised that the timing in the market was perfect, he decided to create a male focused rosé wine to allow the bros to join the rosé party too! 

Bradley explains his thinking behind the name:
“Guys drinking rosé together! No, brothers drinking rosé together! No, hang on—guys call each other bro! So why not change rosé to Brosé? And that was it, I had created my new alcoholic brand and beverage. I had no idea how I was going to make it all work. The only thing I had was utter self-belief and a burning desire to create this product that I could hold in my hands and physically look at.”

Brosé Phenomenon

Dubbed the Brosé phenomenon, it’s not just British males who are embracing rosé. Research shows that men in the US, Brazil, Russia and Australia are also closing the gender gap and following the consumption trend. 

Over the last few years, the increase in global rosé consumption has been rapidly rising. Socially relevant and signifying summer sunshine and alfresco drinking, the Brosé phenomenon has become the “instagrammable” drink that’s set to stay. 

Most recently featuring on ITV’s This Morning and a topic of interest for LBC’s broadcast journalist, Nick Ferrari, Brosé has also generated press coverage from The Telegraph, The Guardian and Luxuria Lifestyle.

 Not to be outdone, social media influencers are building an entire community and lifestyle around Brosé, generating over 19,000 followers for the hashtag, alongside celebrity endorsement from the socially elite cast of the channel four TV series, Made in Chelsea.    Top venue and hospitality stockists now include Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix Track, The Club (a private members resort in Abu Dhabi) The Carbis Bay Hotel and the new Cove Beach Club also in Abu Dhabi.

Driving Investment

Identifying the least changeable sectors in the economic cycle and discovering up-and-coming opportunities before they reach the masses, Westbrooke Associates is driving investment into Brosé to expand, scale and meet demand. Now offering qualifying investors the chance to invest in this exciting, sustainable and sought-after sector, Westbrooke Associates predict a rosy future.

With various exit strategies, innovative future product lines, seamless import logistics and a high-profile team with specialized marketing and distribution experience, the brand represents a high-value liquidity investment.

Tax Breaks Just Got Better

Moreover, as both a SEIS and EIS approved investment opportunity, the good news continues. Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have recently extended the SEIS associated tax breaks and made them even more generous. From April 2023, the amount that an investor can claim SEIS relief on will increase to £200,000. Designed to scale-up and help fledgling businesses raise funds, both EIS and SEIS investments offer investors an attractive and powerful incentive in the form of generous tax reliefs and advantages.

To learn more about SEIS, please visit our website and download your free guide.

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