Brosé Wine Goes from Strength to Strength

Written by J S

April 10, 2023

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Welcome News for SEIS Investors

As the Brosé Wine phenomenon continues to grow and expand, success shows no signs of slowing. They have appointed the agency, Lionbridge PR to support communications and develop their campaigns. This agency will also help Brosé to grow internationally. Lionbridge PR has experience within the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industry and was primarily appointed for its alignment with the Brosé vision and goals. 

Currently, the Brosé brand is undergoing a substantial branding update, including future product lines and recyclable packaging. Among other revisions, Brosé Wine is in the process of incorporating a scannable QR code on their labelling. This labelling will lead their audience to a Brosé playlist on Spotify.

Brosé: New and Improved Branding

A hard launch event is to be held in central London in June 2023. This will showcase the new and improved branding, gain publicity and gather promotional content. Journalists, celebrities, influencers and investors are each invited to attend. Alongside Entrepreneur and Made in Chelsea’s, Tristan Phipps, and Footballer, Matty Cash

If that wasn’t enough, Brosé is now in talks with a major supermarket chain. The brand  has also expanded into Cameroon, Spain, Ibiza, The Netherlands and Portugal.

Extensive Media Coverage

Brosé Wine Ltd., was established by its CEO and founder, Bradley Yarrington, in March 2019. The brand has been characterised as a drink that is best enjoyed in the company of friends and under the warmth of the sun. The company has garnered considerable attention through its collaboration with social media influencers, resulting in extensive media coverage. As a result, an entire community and culture have developed around this high-end rosé, which is available at an affordable price point.

Westbrooke Associates, the authorised agents, are extending an invitation to potential early investors. Helping you to become part of a distinctive and ambitious brand with the potential to revolutionise and shake up the rosé wine industry.

This SEIS and EIS-approved investment opportunity comes with multiple exit strategies, promising future product lines and an expert team with a high-profile reputation. In addition, investors can take advantage of generous tax reliefs and benefits. With seamless and established operational logistics, this investment presents a compelling option for those seeking a lucrative and exciting opportunity.

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