Brosé Wine Made in Chelsea

Elegant and crisp Brosé wine

Written by J S

June 01, 2023

Brosé Wine, the sophisticated beverage associated with summertime and sunny days, is going to be featured on two more episodes of the reality TV show, Made in Chelsea in the new season.

As the surge in the global consumption of rosé wine increases, rosé has become a popular choice for various occasions. Whether it’s a casual pool gathering with friends, celebrations, barbeques, or even formal dinners, rosé wine instantly evokes a sense of summer. Additionally, this beverage complements a wide range of foods, including seafood, soft cheeses, grilled meats and spicy dishes.

Opportune Market Timing

After witnessing the growing rosé wine consumer trend among males in London, entrepreneur Bradley Yarrington contemplated the reasons behind the common perception of rosé as a predominantly feminine beverage. Recognising an opportune timing in the market, Bradley made the decision to develop a rosé wine specifically tailored for men and the rest is history…the Brosé phenomenon was born!

Trading globally over the past few years and currently available in top venues and hospitality stockists, Brosé Wine is a male-focused beverage. It was created so that everyone can partake in the rosé party, including the bros!

Brosé Wine and Reality TV

Co-founding the brand with Made in Chelsea’s Sam Prince, Sam is a cast member of the reality TV series and elevates the brand using his influencing and content creation skills. Moreover, Sam also brings his experience in founding and scaling multiple e-commerce brands and taking them to market.

A firm favourite for the cast of Made in Chelsea, Brosé Wine is going to be featured on two more episodes of Made in Chelsea in the new season.

Bradley says:
“I’ve always watched the show, and I knew their target audience was very similar to my target audience and I just reached out to them.”

National Press Coverage

Most recently featured in Worcester News, Brosé has also generated national press coverage from The Telegraph, The Guardian, Luxuria Lifestyle. Featured on ITV’s This Morning, the brand has also been a topic of interest for LBC’s broadcast journalist, Nick Ferrari.

Predicting an exciting future, in his interview with Worcester News, Bradley goes on to say:
“In about five years, we will be in all major supermarkets and it will be the leading male-focused wine on the market. And in 10 years’ time, I’ll sell my company for a value of £50 million at least. It’s exciting right now, so I can’t wait for the next 10 years.”

Own a Stake in Brosé Wine

Identifying emerging opportunities ahead of the crowd, Westbrooke Associates are exclusively managing the seed fundraise for Brosé Wine and as such, currently offering eligible investors the chance to participate in this disruptive and highly desirable brand.

 Brosé Wine enjoys a unique position in the market, with no competing rosé wines vying for the same space. This exceptional distinction grants Brosé Wine a significant advantage, setting them apart and offering a prime opportunity for rapid growth.

With a range of exit strategies in place, pioneering plans for future product offerings, efficient import logistics and a distinguished team boasting expertise in marketing and distribution, the Brosé brand presents a lucrative investment opportunity with substantial tax breaks too.

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