Brosé Wine: Now Available on Three Continents

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Written by J S

February 03, 2023

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Welcome News for SEIS Investors

Following its hugely successful launch across the UAE in September 2022, the Brosé brand is continuing its global growth and expansion in 2023.

Recently partnered with a new distributor in Cameroon, Brosé Wine will now be distributed across Africa, meaning that the first male marketed rosé wine, is now available on three continents. Powering its massive potential, Brosé has also teamed up with the PR agency responsible for clients such as easyJet, Swiss National Bank and DSM Food Specialties and Nutritional Products.

Brosé Merchandise

Already disrupting the wine industry, the brand has recently launched a subscription-based service, alongside a desirable collection of featured merchandise, such as wine tumblers, apparel and luggage. Moreover, the company has released its first concept designs for the future Brosé trolleys. Their drink carts will launch in the UAE, before being—quite literally— rolled out in the UK later this year!

Described as a beverage best served with friends and sunshine, CEO and founder of Brosé Wine Ltd., Bradley Yarrington created the brand in March 2019. Onboarding social media influencers and generating huge media hype, an entire community and lifestyle have developed around this affluent rosé that retails at an attainable price point.

UAE Impact

Already available on Amazon Prime and in high-end pubs, bars and boutique shops across the UK, Brosé has made a phenomenal impact within UAE and the product is featured across some of the top venue and hospitality stockists in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Now expanding its European market, Brosé Wine remains the main drink of choice for male clientele of exotic beach clubs and trend-setting sophisticated partygoers.

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