Empowering Your Children With Green Investments

Green Invesments

Written by J S

July 25, 2023

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If you want to invest for your child’s future or instil an early interest in investing, you’re not alone. Encouraging children to create a positive impact on their future finances also presents an opportunity to teach them valuable life lessons about overcoming challenges. Equally, although we don’t often associate finance with sustainability, climate change concerns are shaping investor behaviours now more than ever before.

A survey of over 42,000 children and young people across 15 countries conducted by Save the Children, highlights that 83% of the children surveyed report witnessing climate change or inequality, or both, affecting the world around them. Seventy-three per cent of the children surveyed, also believe adults should be doing more to address these issues, including governments, businesses and community leaders.

Your concern for the environment may resonate with future generations as well. Hopefully, your children or grandchildren feel strongly enough about the importance of protecting the environment to build a better world.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

Sustainable investing encompasses a holistic approach and addresses additional priorities such as environmental and societal impact. Fostering long-term sustainable opportunities for all, sustainable investing strategies include socially responsible, impact, green and ethical investing.

For example, socially responsible investing may focus on companies supporting people and communities, while green investing involves companies dedicated to combating climate change.

Environmental: promotes investor awareness regarding how companies handle their environmental impact, addressing concerns such as greenhouse emissions, waste, pollution, resource depletion and deforestation.

Social: a company’s approach to handling relationships with employees, clients and the broader community regarding aspects such as human rights, staff development and health and safety.

Governance: a company’s accountability and diversity and structure of its Board of Directors, business ethics, accounting standards, organisational culture and transparency.

Investing in Your Child’s Future
Crucial factors in securing a bright financial future for your children involve determining the ideal time to start investing for them, selecting suitable opportunities and understanding the tax implications of different investment strategies. Although these elements play a significant role in making strides towards their financial well-being, initiating the investment process now can lead parents to achieve remarkable financial gains for their children.

According to financial experts, recommended investing strategies include capitalising on market setbacks to invest in promising yet volatile sectors, involving your children in investment decisions and embracing risk due to the extended time horizon.

Contributing Positively to Global Challenges

Westbrooke Associates prioritises green investment opportunities with a high ESG impact. We strive tirelessly to uncover profitable investment opportunities that contribute positively to global challenges. Such investments contribute to job creation, foster innovation and lay the foundations for the next generation of remarkable, fast-growth companies.

Just some of our current investment opportunities include clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly food production, health and well-being and urban transport solutions with zero-emissions technology designed to significantly reduce co2 emissions.

Enticing Tax Reliefs

Furthermore, we also offer a range of government-backed EIS and SEIS investments to give our clients potentially substantial rewards with some seriously enticing income tax reliefs. Moreover, holding shares for a minimum of two years under both SEIS and EIS also exempts investors from inheritance tax. In the event of selling SEIS/EIS shares at a loss, investors can offset the loss against their Capital Gains Tax by utilising loss relief.

Investors are becoming increasingly careful about the companies they support and with so many companies finally placing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors at the heart of their operational principles, sustainable investing no longer has to come at the expense of profitability!

Westbrooke Associates identify a wide range of investment opportunities, backing the businesses you believe in, including sustainable investing. Register your interest today and explore how we can help you target and capture attractive returns.

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