FUBAR Radio Prepares to Disrupt Mainstream Media

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Written by J S

October 27, 2022

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Named as one of The Guardian’s Top 20 Apps of the Week, FUBAR Radio provides uncensored live talk entertainment for 18 to 34s. Its programming is diverse and wide ranging, covering celebrity news, football, LGBTQ+, politics, dating, health, travel, comedy, and music.

With an impressive line up of household names, comedy artists, musicians and social media influencers, FUBAR has a proven track record for identifying the best emerging talent, with FUBAR artists such as James Acaster, Ed Gamble, Seann Walsh, Jaackmaate, Joel Dommett and Pete Wicks now dominating the UK podcast charts.

Phenomenal Audience Growth

With a management team that includes the founder of a multi-million-pound ITV subsidiary, the platform has seen phenomenal audience growth, with a four fold increase in audience over the past three years, to 1.5m listeners a month.

Listeners can enjoy FUBAR Radio live or download individual shows on-demand, similar to the BBC’s iPlayer. Its live shows are interactive and spontaneous, which generate far greater press coverage than any traditional pre-recorded podcast. Figures released by Kantar Media Group in October 2022 show that through its press views, FUBAR now reaches an average of 6m people every month, making it Britain’s biggest live podcasting network. Kantar also reported that in the twelve months to October 2022, the publicity generated for FUBAR had an equivalent advertising spend of over £15.6m.

The Value of a Millennial Audience

Westbrooke Associates due diligence supports independent research highlighting how the millennial audience represents the greatest market opportunity in history. Which is why, as part of an exciting new wave of innovative, lifestyle investment opportunities, we’re offering qualifying investors the chance to invest in FUBAR Radio.

Investment designed to facilitate the rapid and immediate scaling of the business through a national DAB launch, means that the company can begin the process of monetising audiences through sponsorship, spot advertising and subscription. By the end of the forecast period in 2027, FUBAR expects to deliver £34.4m of annual revenue and £21.8m in EBITDA at a margin of 70%.


Driving investment to scale key areas of the business, Westbrooke Associates upholds sentiments that FUBAR is a very attractive trade sale proposition for a media giant. Targeting an exit within five years and a minimum target threshold at exit of 10 x EBITDA, this is equivalent to a £218m exit.

Although, an exit plan in the region of £327m to £436m would not be unlikely.

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