Innovation Agritech Group Successfully Launches Vertical Farming Solution

Iagri-Tech, The Barn Vertical Farming

Written by J S

October 19, 2022

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Following five years of rigorous research and development, British agricultural technology company, Innovation Agritech Group (IAG), has launched its pioneering vertical farming solution, the GrowFrame™.

Revolutionising crop production on a global scale, this method of farming offers sustainable solutions to traditional farming practices and real-world challenges.

Vertical Farming: Countless Advantages

Efficiently used year-round to produce all types of crops, fruits and vegetables in small spaces and in large numbers, there are countless advantages for both the grower and the consumer. This highly productive method of farming allows crops to absorb oxygen and generate all the oils and sugars they need to taste delicious.

Eliminating the use of pesticides and providing faster crop growth with an extended shelf life, vertical farming tackles the problems of soil degradation, food miles, seasonality and water.

Alongside being safe and clean, vertical farming also:

  • Prevents deforestation and minimises waste
  • Eliminates the use of chemicals and pesticides
  • Conserves water and is energy efficient
  • Reduces CO2 and methane emissions
  • Alleviates pressure on arable land

Celebration of Technology

Joined by speakers and guests, the IAG launch event held on the 19th of October, also represented a celebration of the technology and culminated in the hard work over the last five years.

Speaking About the IAG Team, CEO and Founder, Jaz Singh said:
“I want to offer my sincerest gratitude for your work and commitment to IAG which has led to this moment. It gives me great pride to be the leader of this team. The relentless dedication and amazing results continue to inspire me.”

He went on to add:
“We have complete faith that we have developed a vertical farming solution which will be a complete game-changer.”

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