Innovation Agri-Tech Group Hosts Vertical Farm Daily and Announces Advisory Board

Innovation Agri-Tech Group, the Barn

Written by J S

May 24, 2022

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Innovation Agri-Tech Group, the Barn

Held at its 10,000-square foot purpose-built aeroponic facility in Berkshire, Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IAG) played host to Vertical Farm Daily—a global news platform for the vertical farming industry.

Making vertical farming more accessible via its patented vertical framework called the GrowFrame, this aeroponic growing module means that IAG enables the grower to enjoy quick returns on their investment.

Discussing its flexible and scalable technology, which is based on a modular system, the CEO of Innovation Agri-Tech Group, Jaz Singh explains:

 “Our technology is modular and suitable for various business models across a whole host of industries. Each GrowFrame has ten panels with 325 holes, equipped with its own irrigation system, dialable LED lighting, automation, and sensors. This means we have the ability to create tailored solutions based on individual business needs”.

Scalable For All Growers

Enabling both large- and small-scale crop production, the GrowFrame is also just as effective when it comes to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Further demonstrating the flexibility surrounding the process of vertical farming and its vast reach.

Jaz Singh went on to add:
 “The key for us is to help our clients scale up and expand in a controlled manner and identify the areas by spending a little more upfront can be beneficial in the future. Taking LEDs as an example, you can spend a lot in capital expenditures upfront and experience reduced operating costs. Or you can purchase a lower-cost light which may be less efficient, thus cost you more in operating costs”

IAG Advisory Board

Moreover, as the team at IAG prepare to launch to market later this year, Professor Tracy Lawson and Dr Chris Foulds will become the two founding members of the newly formed IAG Advisory Board.

Director of Plant Phenotyping at Essex University and professor in the Plant Productivity group, during 2020 and 2021, Professor Tracy Lawson was recognised on the Clarivate World Highest Cited list. With her first degree in Applied Biology and subsequent Ph.D., Professor Lawson has over 25 years’ experience in photosynthesis research, alongside publishing over 135 peer review papers.

Dr Chris Foulds boasts nearly 40 years’ experience in the food and drinks industry. During his career, Dr Foulds was Technical Director of G’s Marketing, Vitacress and Flamingo Fresh Produce. He also worked on food safety retailer codes of practice, been the Technical Chairman for the Chilled Food Association and is renowned for his work in technical compliance for growers.

Welcoming the New Appointments, Jaz Singh Said:

 “I’d like to extend a warm welcome to both Professor Tracy Lawson and Dr Chris Foulds as members of our Advisory Board at IAG. As we transition from R&D focus to strategic commercial growth later this year, the ongoing support of both members, who bring a huge bank of knowledge, exceptional expertise, and an embedded technical understanding of our industry, will be invaluable. They will be vital and valued in their support of the existing team of industry specialists. Their input will help us further develop as a business and enable us to be confident to advise our clients along the way.”

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