Innovation Agri-Tech Group Transitions Business to Revenue

Innovation Agri-Tech Group Transitions Business to Revenue

Written by J S

August 17, 2022

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Innovation Agri-Tech Group Transitions Business to Revenue

Pioneering agricultural technology company, Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IAG) has announced its plans to transition business to revenue by appointing a global sales team and two new appointments. Continuing to invest in its growing team and hastening projects, Matt Taylor and David Farley are joining IAG as Commercial Assistant and Consultant Advisor, respectively.

Supporting The Operating Board of Directors

Commercial Assistant with over 20 years’ experience of managing national accounts for brands such as PlayStation, Mercedes  and Toshiba, Matt will support the operating board of directors, focus on identifying commercial opportunities and developing excellent relationships with suppliers and partners Championing his personal ethos through IAG,  Matt is passionate about using technology as a force for good, mitigating climate change and improving our environment for future generations; without having to reduce choice.

David is a commercially astute agri-business professional and has worked at senior levels across all areas of the fresh produce supply chain. Working within businesses such as Del Monte and Greenvale AP, David is looking forward to exploring the commercial scale-up opportunities to expedite the IAG model and enable the supply of cost-effective, sustainable exciting, quality produce.

CEO of Innovation Agri-Tech Group, Jaz Singh Says:

“It is a key time for the business right now—we’re in the run-up to a big moment in terms of the launch of a new product as well as the business transitioning to revenue. Ensuring we have the right team to take us to the next level is crucial – everyone here at IAG has been working so hard to date, and we want to make sure we build on that and continue to strengthen.”

He went on to add:

“Having Matt and David join the company is going to be a fantastic boost to our existing team. They both will bring so much valuable experience, and I have every confidence we will continue to develop the business, inviting new talent to the team will enable us to be in the best possible position to launch on a global scale.”

Global Sales Team

Appointing a twelve-person sales team as the business prepares for its Ascent Phase later this year, IAG have tasked the team with taking the innovative and anticipated IAG technologies to a global market. The experienced and hand-selected team, who each have a successful track record in the technology space will also support the business in its transition to revenue.

With a strong background in accelerating sales and their know-how in helping businesses break into new international markets, the collaboration is perfectly suited for taking agricultural advances and challenger business  to the countries and climates that will benefit the most.

Commenting on the Sales Team Appointment, Jaz Singh Says:

“IAG is at the forefront of developing exciting and, importantly, cost-effective ways of producing food where traditional farming methods alone are not able to meet demand. The sales team we’ve appointed will be able to strategically complement our existing team.  As a forethinking business, we’re excited to be moving onto a stage where we can grow not just in the UK, but begin to take our solutions to countries and companies on a global scale—ensuring IAG becomes the most successful version of itself.”

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