The Future Looks Rosy for Brosé

Brosé Hero

Written by J S

August 11, 2022

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Brosé Wine

Brosé Grandeur isn’t just a wine, but a sophisticated lifestyle that brings people together to create unforgettable experiences.

Offering an affluent bottle at an attainable price and suitable for vegans, Brosé Grandeur Provence is a quirky Grenache dominant blend of five grape varieties: Grenache (40%), Syrah (15%), Cinsault (15%), Cabernet Sauvignon (15%) and Rolle (15%).

Described as a beverage best served with friends and sunshine, if you like a dry, crisp and light-bodied rosé, Brosé wine is for you. Elegant and crisp with aromas of red berries, Brosé has a hint of grapefruit alongside beautiful aromatic and mineral notes.

Market Gap

The team behind Brosé has bridged a gap in the market by targeting the male demographic. Aimed at Gen Z metrosexuals, Brosé is a fashionable premium brand that is current and on point. And as more men than ever before are investing in grooming products and face creams, it makes sense— pink is no longer just for girls.

Set to become a huge commercial success, social media influencers are steadfastly building a community and lifestyle around the Brosé brand. Moreover, the brand is also endorsed by the socially elite male cast of the popular reality TV series, Made in Chelsea.

Produced in Provence

Considered to set the gold standard for rosé quality around the world, Brosé is made from grapes sourced from a vineyard near the village of Venelles, in Provence. The vines are located at high altitudes, just over 400 metres above sea level which benefits from slightly milder temperatures and less extreme variation between day and night.

This is extremely valuable for grape maturation when you consider the scorching summer temperatures in Provence. The alluvial clay and limestone soils are rich in minerals and help to create notable aromatics in the wine. The region also benefits from the Mistral winds which help to keep the vines cool and enable good air circulation between the rows.

Bucking the Trend

Thirty years ago, rosé was considered a far less prestigious wine, but nowadays rosé is bucking the trend. It’s a refreshing alternative to red and white wine because it’s not as tannic as red or as floral and delicate as many whites.

Equally, it’s no longer seen as a compromise. Online research has shown a huge trend in males consuming rosé wine and statistical analysis has shown that wine is the fastest growing beverage in the drinks sector.

According to data intelligence published by IWSR:

  • Global consumption of still and sparkling wine is forecast to reach $207bn by 2022, for a total volume of 2.7bn nine-litre cases.
  • The still and sparkling wine market will grow in volume by 2.15% between 2017 and 2022.
  • In value terms, the top five markets are the US ($4.5bn), France ($3.6bn), the UK and Germany ($2.7bn each) and Italy ($2.5bn).

The rosé wine market has witnessed continuous growth in the past few years and is projected to grow at a good pace during the forecast period of 2021-2029.

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