Clean Food Company

Written by J S

May 18, 2023

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The Clean Food Co

Giving investors the chance to invest in profitable and impactful companies, we are delighted to announce our latest investment opportunity. The Clean Food Company (TCFC) produces healthy, delicious, sustainable and environmentally friendly food. To achieve this, the company uses innovative vertical farming technology.

Clean and Green

More than just a business, this movement builds towards a healthier and more sustainable future. This involves growing an impressive range of premium, pesticide-free produce in the cleanest, greenest indoor agriculture systems.

Supplying locally grown produce directly to food industry wholesalers, TCFC eliminates mark-ups, food waste and carbon footprint. Alongside supplying the freshest year-round produce without harming the planet.

Scaling Up

For investors familiar with Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IAG), a British agricultural technology company specialising in Indoor Vertical Aeroponics, TCFC is partnering with IAG to supply their growing technology. Westbrooke Associates and other funding partners have successfully completed the £10 Million raise for IAG and funding is now closed.

However, the modular nature of the IAG GrowFrame™ technology will allow TCFC to scale up its business model quickly and efficiently via the roll-out of several identical farms. As such, The Clean Food Company will use the proceeds of the raise to develop its first vertical farm. The farm will be strategically located in an area with appropriate demographics and market opportunities across the UK.

Build a Green Portfolio

For qualifying investors looking to build a green investment portfolio or to add diversity in the form of sustainable investments, this is a golden opportunity. Moreover, it has the potential to make money and capture diverse and attractive returns.

To learn more about investment opportunities in The Clean Food Company, please visit our website or contact us for more information.

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