Investment Timing

Written by J S

May 18, 2023

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City Shuffle

Tasked with choosing the best investments for our clients, our research team are devoted to exploring investment analysis, due diligence, financial forecasts, valuations, stakeholder and commercial aspects and business plans.

Westbrooke Associates assists investors in building a varied portfolio designed to endure market fluctuations. By wading through thousands of available products, we give you the chance to participate in early-stage investments in emerging disruptors.

Engaging with Both New and Existing Clients

With the ability to identify sectors with long-term potential, Westbrooke Associates is dedicated to recognising profitable investments with proven track records, disruptive product lines and innovative streams of revenue.

Built on solid foundations of transparency, trust and ensuring our investors are comfortable with their investments, as a brokerage, we employ a combination of continuously evolving external media channels to engage with both new and existing clients.

Regularly supplying information designed to enlighten and help you choose the best products for your portfolio, Westbrooke Associates feature in national publications such as Reader’s Digest, Property Notify, The Resident, Great British Life and Farmers Guide.

This is alongside frequently contributing our thoughts, opinions and professional insight to major and reputable financial publications such as City A.M, The European, i-invest Online, ADVFN and Total Franchise.

Media Coverage, Exposure and Reviews

Supporting and scaling growth in the British businesses you believe in, we are the official agents for a variety of different sectors, including media, entertainment and lifestyle, sustainability, the environment, technology and wellbeing, where each one is hand-picked to help you target and capture attractive returns.

Many people wouldn’t dream of making a major purchase without checking product ratings and media coverage. Moreover, since the hypothesis of investor acknowledgement suggests that people want proof, facts, reviews and statistics, part of our own due diligence involves researching the media coverage and exposure that our products bring about.

Generating positive media coverage in a whole host of quality newspapers, most notably, The Observer, The Independent, Express, The Guardian and Daily Mail, our investment products also project their credibility to their target audience by featuring in high-circulation tabloids including The Sun, Metro, Daily Mirror and the Daily Star.

Robust Marketing Strategies

Supporting their robust marketing strategies, these up-and-coming brands have been recognised in respected high-profile broadcast media outlets too, namely, LBC News, BBC News, BBC Radio, ITV This Morning and Made in Chelsea. This is alongside extensive and favourable exposure in British tabloid magazines and progressive news websites such as HuffPost, Heat, Closer, Hello and OK. 

Each of our innovative investment products cleverly utilises press coverage to boost its sales potential, demonstrate its value and stand apart from the competition. You can read more about each investment by requesting the investor memorandum or visiting the press and news pages on our website.

Westbrooke Associates identify a wide range of investment opportunities, backing the businesses you believe in, including opportunities with extensive media exposure. Register your interest today and explore how we can help you target and capture attractive returns.

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