Unveiling Prosperity: A New Investment Horizon

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Written by J S

November 15, 2023

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In a world where investment decisions increasingly echo the desire for positive change, we’re proud to introduce our latest opportunity—a venture designed to make a meaningful impact.

Promoting investment into the Assisted Living Project Limited, the company aim to create a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for people with enduring illnesses to thrive and enjoy life to the fullest. Working hand in hand with housing associations and Community Benefit Societies (CBS) to provide fit-for-purpose accommodation to those who need it most, the Assisted Living Project strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their tenants and the wider community.

From Blueprint to Reality

Demographic, social and economic factors have led to a scarcity of assisted living facilities in the UK. The ageing population, an increase in chronic conditions, evolving family structures and a shortage of affordable housing have intensified the demand for supportive living arrangements.

The Assisted Living Project collaborates with housing bodies across the United Kingdom to address this pressing issue. The company offers a solution by acquiring completed apartment blocks tailored for assisted living and providing long-term leases funded by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Leased over 25 years on agreements funded by the DWP, the goal is to deliver more than 100 apartments ready for assisted living occupancy by 2025

Investing in Impact

In order to encourage £6.5 million worth of investment into the business for the purpose of purchasing properties to lease to Community Benefit, 6,500,000 Ordinary shares have now been released.

Exclusively available to High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors at a market value of £1 per share with a minimum purchase of £100,000 per transaction.

Embarking on this investment opportunity ensures a seamless journey, as the properties are already constructed, eliminating the hassles of planning and construction delays. You’ll be part of a venture led by an experienced team, including Duncan Bannatyne from Dragons’ Den, providing a robust foundation for success.

Building Wealth, Building Lives

The investment boasts government-backed income from day one, coupled with fully insured and repairing leases. There are no void periods with maintenance and management fees covered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). With secure 25-year leases and a rental income that outpaces inflation by 1%, this opportunity offers investors the potential for financial stability.

Investors can also anticipate a predicted 2.1x multiple upon flotation, showcasing the potential for substantial returns. Beyond financial gains, this investment is socially responsible and ethically aligned with green initiatives. Seize this maximum 3-year opportunity to be part of a purpose-driven investment that combines profitability with positive impact.

Westbrooke Associates identifies a wide range of investment opportunities, backing the businesses you believe in, including impactful and sustainable investment opportunities. Register your interest today and explore how we can help you target and capture attractive returns.

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