Uncorking Insights with Brosé Wine CEO, Bradley Yarrington

Bradley Yarrington CEO of Brosé Wine

Written by J S

November 23, 2023

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In an exciting development, Brosé Wine CEO, Bradley Yarrington, has stepped into the role of drinks expert for the illustrious luxury lifestyle magazine, Live24-Seven. This notable appointment marks Bradley’s latest adventure as he embarks on sharing his wealth of knowledge with a broader audience.

Luxury Living in Worcestershire and The West Midlands

Catering to the discerning tastes of Worcestershire and The West Midlands, Live24-Seven stands as a prestigious publication synonymous with celebrating luxury living. From travel escapades and haute couture insights to the crème de la crème of culinary experiences, the magazine is the quintessential guide for stylish living. 

Bradley Yarrington: A Visionary Uncorking Expertise

Renowned for his trailblazing role as CEO of Brosé Wine Ltd, Bradley Yarrington’s reputation precedes him as a visionary in the world of wines. His appointment as the drinks expert for Live24-Seven is a seamless fit, showcasing his knowledge and expertise.

An Engaging Journey into the World of Wine

In the September 2023 issue, Bradley Yarrington welcomed Live24-Seven readers into his world, chronicling his journey with Brosé Wine Ltd and offering a glimpse into the exciting topics he plans to explore in the future. From tales of vineyard ventures to the intricacies of wine culture, Bradley promises an engaging journey into the world of beverages.

The October edition saw Bradley turning his discerning eye towards cocktails with a twist. Bringing a touch of liquid elegance to the publication, Bradley provided readers with the perfect cocktail recipes that not only look good but taste good too.

In the November issue, Bradley Yarrington took a delightful detour, guiding readers through his personal selection of his favourite top three red wines. Perfect companions for crisp autumn evenings, Bradley also delved into the art of food pairings.

As Bradley Yarrington continues to pour his expertise onto the pages of Live24-Seven, readers can anticipate a continued journey into the world of beverages, exploring trends, recommendations and the art of pairing. With each issue, Bradley uncorks a new chapter, inviting readers to savour the unique sensory experiences that each beverage offers.

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