Westbrooke Associates Present Broski Whisky—Redefining Tradition

Broski Whisky Redefining Tradition

Written by J S

March 04, 2024

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Proud to unveil our latest investment opportunity, BROSKI Whisky Limited emerges as a groundbreaking addition to the whisky market.

Under the visionary leadership of Bradley Yarrington, passionate sommelier and entrepreneur, BROSKI Whisky is ready to redefine whisky’s conventional image and break away from the outdated and unappealing aesthetics of traditional brands.

Perhaps best known for his success as the founder and CEO of Brosé Wine, Bradley has over 15 years of industry experience and a proven track record in creating alcohol brands and bringing them to market. Pouring his expertise into this modern whisky shake-up, BROSKI is a three-year-old blended scotch whisky from Loch Lomond, with an RRP of £34.95.

A Contemporary Drink Exuding On-Trend Elegance

Offering a premium blended whisky with an aesthetically captivating presentation and promising an exceptional drinking experience, BROSKI Whisky is a bridge between style and substance and will target a demographic of sophisticated drinkers aged between 20 to 45.

Making up 48% of the global consumer base with significant purchasing power exceeding $140 billion, the brand will effortlessly appeal to both the Millennial and Gen-Z generations seeking a contemporary drink that exudes on-trend elegance.

BROSKI merchandise and an additional product line will be available and sold within a global whisky market worth over £60.5 billion. The UK whisky market is projected to generate £951.1 million in revenue in 2024, whilst on average, each end-user is projected to consume 0.60L volume units in 2024.

The production process is closely tied to Scotland’s Loch Lomond, where fresh lake water imparts unique characteristics, resulting in a smooth, full-bodied and easy-drinking spirit. Matured in the finest oak casks, BROSKI delivers sweet honey and citrus notes with a gentle hint of smoke on the finish.

Bradley Says:

“BROSKI Whisky is not just any whisky; it caters to the sophisticated tastes of those who appreciate quality and refinement. Our unique selling point lies in the fact that we don’t just offer a drink, but an experience. BROSKI Whisky is carefully crafted to provide a smooth and rich taste that can be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails.”

Early Doors Investment Opportunity

As the official agent for BROSKI Whisky, we specialise in identifying sustainable and disruptive sectors resilient to economic cycles. As such, BROSKI is an ideal investment for portfolios designed to weather market fluctuations.

Moreover, BROSKI is an HMRC SEIS-approved investment opportunity—a government-backed venture capital scheme, offering tax benefits to investors who support early-stage companies like BROSKI Whisky Ltd. The significant benefits include income tax relief of up to 50%, capital gains tax exemption on profits, IHT, and Loss Relief.

HMRC’s National Statistics reveal a remarkable 16% growth in the SEIS scheme in 2021-22, totalling £205 million.

Now inviting professional investors to capitalise on this early doors opportunity, onboarding investments start from £5,000.

Westbrooke Associates identifies a wide range of investment opportunities, backing the businesses you believe in, including investment opportunities in food and drink. Register your interest today and explore how we can help you target and capture attractive returns.

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