Harniman’s Approached by Amazon Launchpad

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Written by J S

May 12, 2023

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Harniman’s is a family-owned business driven by a clear vision and a singular mission: to help people to feel their best, more of the time. Following their success at NOPEX 2023, Amazon Launchpad recognises the brand’s unique selling point. This is alongside their appealing brand story and global growth potential.

As such, Amazon Launchpad has approached Harniman’s and invited the brand to start selling its latest colourful vitamin spray, Immune through the platform. 

Gaining Significant Exposure

Amazon Launchpad is an invite-only innovative program. It was established with the goal of assisting startups in bringing their products to market. The core concept behind this initiative is to provide a platform for lesser-known companies to showcase their products. In turn, helping them to connect with a wider audience and gain significant exposure. Simultaneously, Amazon benefits from continuously refreshing its product catalogue with novel and cutting-edge offerings.

The Amazon team will shortly begin creating and optimising Harniman’s online store. This store will contain features currently inaccessible to ordinary Amazon sellers. Moreover, it will also provide Harniman’s with added visibility on the Launchpad storefront.

Harniman’s Support Our Natural Defences

The Immune boosting spray helps to protect against colds, viruses and acute respiratory tract infections. Subsequently, a daily dose supports our natural defences against infection. Moreover, the entire range comes in fully recyclable packaging, aligns with ethical values and is free from harmful additives.

In preparation, Harniman’s has made 1,000 bottles of Immune and will begin selling these in the coming weeks.

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