Harniman’s Now Available in Raye The Store

Written by J S

July 01, 2023

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Tapping into the well-being market with a unique product formulated by expert dieticians and scientists, Harniman’s Feel Good Sprays are simple, effective and add joy to your daily routine. Each spray targets a specific health concern and is designed for maximum absorption of nutrients into your bloodstream.

Following their success at NOPEX 2023, Raye The Store is the latest stockist for Harniman’s Feel Good Spray. Immune will be available for one month at the pop-up store, currently trading from Spitalfields Market in East London. 

Strong Brand and Marketing Strategy

Raye The Store is a travelling pop-up concept supporting small businesses keen to build strong brand and marketing strategies, alongside conscious consumers as they seek to explore and engage with innovative and emerging brands. Promoting the best products in health, wellness and design, Raye The Store caters to the interests of individuals who prioritise conscious consumption, eager to discover new and exciting products.

A family-owned business, Harniman’s created its products whilst on a mission to get more people to take their daily vitamins. The simplicity and convenience of using a spray, combined with the moreish flavour and appealing packaging, means people will finally be able to look forward to taking their vitamins. 

Positive Feedback

Attending the press event on 29th June, founder, Sarah Harniman was on hand to introduce journalists, influencers and the public to the brand, make sales and offer product samples. The positive feedback reflected the evolving market, alongside reiterating how Harniman’s consumers represent every demographic  and the demand to move away from traditional pills.

Harniman’s Immune Feel Good Spray combines Vitamins B12, D, A, C & Selenium with elderberry extract, rich in anthocyanin and used traditionally to support the immune defence. They pack all these ingredients into one handy spray.

With a further two tasting sessions scheduled at Raye The Store, Harniman’s robust marketing strategy to showcase the product in pop-up curated stores will support stockist growth and build business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships.

Investment Opportunities in an Environmentally Friendly Brand

The vitamin supplement market in the UK is predicted to amount to £0.628 Billion in 2023 and is expected to grow annually by 4.84% (CAGR 2023-2027). Westbrooke Associates are providing eligible investors with the opportunity to invest in this environmentally friendly, forward-thinking and transformative brand.

Moreover, this is a UK government-approved EIS opportunity with upfront and ongoing income tax relief, loss relief and capital gains and inheritance tax exemptions. This means you can potentially benefit from even more financial gains in an opportunity with lower market volatility.

Westbrooke Associates identify a wide range of investment opportunities, backing the businesses you believe in, including investment opportunities in health and well-being. Register your interest today and explore how we can help you target and capture attractive returns.

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